(1993 -1995)

1993 found BWS, having just left Valiant, once again being courted by a fledgling company to add expertise and cachet to their creative profile.

This time it was Malibu Comics who wanted work from Windsor-Smith, for their Ultraverse line of comics. His contribution was the creation and development, with input from Malibu co-founder and writer Chris Ulm, of the malevolent, extraterrestrial energy vampire called RUNE. BWS's contractual arrangement with Malibu included his two thirds ownership of the character.

The plot of the series revolves around RUNE's pursuit of Ultra-powered twin teenagers named Erik Johnson and Noel Robinson. A clandestine U.S. government organization called Alladin, run by an organic, sentient supercomputer called Genie, is also seeking the twins, and RUNE becomes their target as well.

BWS and Chris Ulm wrote the first 6 issues of RUNE, plus a Giant Size special issue, and Windsor-Smith drew, color designed and edited them all.

Above: The BWS original painted color guide of his cover for RUNE #2. (1992)