The nuclear energy contained inside Phil’s body is forcing out of its containment. Seleski knows he can’t control it, his cosmic dam is about to explode. Up in the circling helicopter with Pierce and Dobson, a technician has spotted the sudden energy flux. It’s unknown and off the scale, he can’t evaluate it. Only Pierce realizes that it’s a rend in space-time, a matter-anti-matter collision.
Down below, Phil Seleski has ripped his beloved out of existence and is drawing in all matter about him. His body is acting like a small “black hole,” where matter is destroyed and time stops absolutely. Refer to my final center spread.
Then there is nothing. Refer to my cover.
So begins the tale . . ..
I’ve received your UNITY 0 ideas. I’ve gone over it several times and need to discuss the staging with you. It’s exciting stuff and I think that the scenes can be worked out. I need to write my thoughts down rather than discussing it over the phone. But I need to get this material of into the overnight mail, so I’ll fax you some written material over the coming weekend.