It seems unlikely to me that Dr Dobson, no matter his clashes with Seleski, would immediately go along with the secret service guys who’ve invaded the Edgewater plant. At least not to the extent that a plan is afoot to actually kill Seleski -- aided and abetted by Pierce. Indeed, all things taken into account, why would Pierce -- manipulative and demanding though she may be -- now become murderous?
Some answers may be found into the trip into the beyond.

Dobson Scenario:
Just before Pierce stumbles into the room we see Dobson standing at an annotated world map explaining to the agent that “Seleski could turn up at any of the nuclear power stations shown.”
Dobson says he’s checked as best he could and he thinks that all of the plants marked on the map have some sort of fault in their construction or maintenance.
Dobson expresses his misgivings: Even if they were quick enough to attack Seleski if and when he shows up at one of these plants, there would be no time for evacuation -- a lot of people were bound to be hurt or killed.
The agent replies that world opinion would be in their favor -- the governments would realize that the destruction of the Fukui and Badjoz plants was just the beginning of Seleski’s terrorism.
Realizing that the agent has ignored his point, Dobson states firmly “Nobody was HURT at Fukui and Badjoz.”
The agent isn’t listening, “ . . . And now with the abduction of whassername, Pierce -- Seleski is proving what threat he is.”
Pierce has already entered the scene behind them. She’s dazed, walking awkwardly. “I feel like death,” she says.
The men are stunned to see her; she collapses into Dobson’s arms.
The agent seems annoyed (it will come out later that he perceives this turn of events -- Pierce being alive -- as a set-back to his agenda). Pierce’s clothes are torn, she is bruised with her hair in disarray. Dobson is asking, “What did that madman do to you?” But she doesn’t understand him, her replies are non sequiturs.
By the end of page 4, Dobson states what is obvious to all but Pierce:
“ Pierce, you’ve been missing for eight days!”