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Seleski hangs in mid-air tapping into the lines atop a telephone pole trying to reach Gayle. He is talking to her landlady instead, who makes it clear that she had to tell Gayle to move out. Seleski is realizing that there is a time-shift problem. The landlady continues about the harassment of the TV and press. Seleski frowns, he has no way of knowing how far the time-shift has gone. His thoughts are interrupted when the landlady says,” You’re that man they’re all looking for aren’t you! You killed that doctor you work with!” Seleski pulls his finger away from the terminal, abruptly ending the conversation. A flower of blue sparks erupts around the line connectors, then fades.
Seleski has taken the landlady at her word; Dr Pierce is dead somehow, and he is being blamed for it. He is rising into the night sky. He has to get away for a while; think through what has happened. Higher and higher he goes. He is not flying as such -- there is no “flying pose” -- is is simply rising up through the clouds in a relaxed standing position. He pushes his hands down into his pockets, his head bowed. What to do next? He asks himself as he passes through the upper atmosphere. The sun on the other side of the planet bathes him in white light, bleaching out all colors but for the deep indigo backdrop of the endless universe surrounding him.