This vintage original page features the dramatic confrontation between
Conan and Mikhal Oglu, The Vulture, from "The Shadow of theVulture," the next
to last issue of Conan the Barbarian to feature the art of Barry Windsor-Smith.

Brush and Ink on heavy vellum. Inking by Sal Buscema and John Romita.
Image 10 1/8" x 15"


From a combination of pencils and layouts by Barry Windsor-Smith, inkers Sal Buscema and
John Romita produced this page 19, from Conan the Barbarian 23, on heavy, 80 lb., vellum stock.
The balloons and captions were then pasted over the finished art for printing.
The art is in excellent condition.

Over a period of more than thirty years, Marvel's original rubber cement had
separated the vellum from the white backing board. Restoration has been performed
at Windsor-Smith Studio to remount the page on acid-free 80lb. Bristol board.
Panel 6 was apparently inked by John Romita and attached separately during the original
1972 production. There is some sparing white out on the figure of Conan in panel 3.
The word balloons are replacements, photo copied directly from the published book,
and attached with archival adhesive film.

The artist's signature, if requested, is included at no additional charge.