IRON MAN #232 Cover Reconsideration

A breathtaking, twice-up reconsideration* of Barry Windsor-Smith's
classic cover for Iron Man #232, which featured BWS plot and art
on the powerful story "Intimate Enemies."

Pen and Ink, 12" x 18 1/2" image on 19" x 24" bristol board.


* BWS has a long-standing policy not to do commissions, including
frequently requested cover recreations. But a few years ago, Windsor Smith
was inspired on his own to reconsider a very few of his classic covers.
Unlike the rote, usually lifeless recreations often done by other comics artists,
BWS took the opportunity to make improvements, and to imbue the new works
with as much or more energy than the initial versions.
This reconsideration original is twice-up, significantly larger than the previous version.
All logos are drawn in ink on the board, not pasted on.
BWS reconsidered fewer than half a dozen covers in all, and no more than one
of each cover will ever be done, assuring the rarity of this original.