CONAN vs. RUNE #1 was meant to be digitally colored at Malibu, closely based on Windsor-Smith Studio's painted guides, a process which had been adeptly handled for the RUNE series by computer separator Albert Calleros. By the time CONAN vs. RUNE #1 was in production, however, Calleros had left Malibu. When BWS received proofs of the digitally colored pages, it was clear that, despite their technological capabilities, the computer operators remaining at Malibu completely lacked the facility and knowledge of painting required to accurately render Windsor-Smith's coloring.  

Windsor-Smith threatened to sue Marvel if they published the digitally colored work, and demanded that RUNE vs. CONAN #1 instead be printed directly from scans of his painted color guides. He swiftly retouched all of the coloring to add more detail, and the production staff at Windsor-Smith Studio pasted copies of the lettering directly on the art.
After all this effort, the quality of the printing in the published comic book still suffered substantially, as Malibu scanned the pages with a low quality flatbed scanner.

Above and below: Panels from the painted color guide
for pages 4 and 5 of CONAN vs. RUNE #1 (1995)
Above and below: Malibu's digital interpretation of the painted coloring of the panels shown at left. Particularly note the addition of extraneous conturing and shapes in the panels above, and complete disregard of BWS's artfully rendered blood in the panel below. (1995)