It's hard to imagine that Adastra, with her looks and personality, couldn't find a more fulfilling job after her Princess Plumbing enterprise evidently went down the drain. Perhaps the allure of pedaling pizza across midtown lies in the princess' overt exhibitionism; fishing through traffic, half-naked on a bike, slinging curses and mid-fingers everywhere. Sort of thing you might expect from disenfranchised royalty.

The genesis of this odd episode in the princess' checkered career lies in a definitive statement made by the artist prior to the maiden voyage publication of BWS:STORYTELLER. "If STORYTELLER doesn't make it," he said ruefully, "I'm out of this business. I'll never draw comics again. I'd rather be filling shelves at a 7-Eleven." Pizza delivery, working shifts at a convenience store, there's a connection right there.

It's the empathic linear correlation between the artist and his art that brings an unheard-of sense of reality to the characters who inhabit STORYTELLER Land. In a conceptual sense ahead of its time, the artist claims to channel their personalities as he juggles with pencil and paper, pen and pad. Is he just confusing new age mysticism with old fashioned inspiration? Probably not. He knows a thing or two about both, and he has his head screwed on, as he says with a smile, "right proper."


Why is a princess from another world delivering pizza, on a bicycle, in New York City? Good enough question; but the girl's got to make a living.