BWS is aware that the loyal readers who supported STORYTELLER would like to see a resolution in the collected edition of the story line begun in the first 9 issues, but, unfortunately, it is not possible. To artificially accelerate a story intended to play out in the pages of the magazine over many years to a contrived conclusion would contradict everything BWS was striving to achieve in STORYTELLER, his most evolved creative work to date. Some of the new story material in the collection will address the untimely demise of the series, but there will not be an expedient wrap-up of the story lines. We hope that readers will understand that, given the turn of events that led to BWS' having to suspend publication of STORYTELLER in 1997, the material to be presented in the Young GODS & Friends collection is the most appropriate denouement that can be achieved under the circumstances.


Young GODS & Friends will be followed by collections of The Freebooters and The Paradoxman.

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