Subject: From Neal Adams to Barry
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 18:40:09 -0500
From: Jason Adams <>

Dear Barry,
Do you have a bit of time to help Dave Cockrum.
Can you do a sketch to benefit Dave cockrum, who is recovering in the Bronx V. A.
Hospital from double pneumonia. He has diabetes and is in bad shape. We're auctioning the
work for Dave's benefit.
If you can help, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Send your piece, if you can do it,
Aardwolf Publishing
179-9 Route 46 West
Box #252
Rockaway, NJ 07866

Can we have permission to print your sketch in a book to benefit Dave. Please let us know if
it's okay with you. Not all sketches will be printed in the book. -


THE UNCANNY DAVE COCKRUM TRIBUTE includes a parade of industry
legends who have donated unpublished art and new writings. Neal Adams , Bob
Almond, Murphy Anderson, Sergio Aragones, Terry Austin, Dick Ayers, Mark
Bagley, Charles Barnett, Al Bigley, David Boswell, Rich Buckler, John Byrne,Travis Charist, Chris Claremont, Gene Colan, Peter David, Alan Davis, Diane
Duane, Harlan Ellison , Steve Englehart, Mark Evanier, Neil Gaiman , Ron
Garney, Mike Grell, Tony Isabella, Dan Jurgens, Sam Keith, Bill Messner Loebs,
Steve Lieber, Stan Lee , Pablo Marcus, Bob McLeod, Alan Moore , Jerry
Ordway, Tom Palmer, Mike Pascale, George Perez, Robin Riggs, John Romita,
Joe Rubinstein, Marie Severin, Dave Sim, Louise Simonson, Walt Simonson,
Mark Texeira, Roy Thomas, Herb Trimpe, Sal Velluto, Lee Weeks, Len Wein,
and Marv Wolfman.