“This was supposed to be the cover to EPIC, the magazine that published "The Beguiling" in 1982. I finished it about, oh, say, twelve years after the initial deadline.

EPIC has long since met its demise through no fault of mine. Back in ’82, though, I was so totally fagged out (fatigued) from creating the story itself, that I was just, y’know . . . I didn’t want to have to draw another wistful young knight in armor ever again, or for the rest of my life, which ever came first. So I abandoned this piece half-done, and let EPIC publish my Icarus painting on the cover instead.”
(Icarus will appear in OPUS Vol. 3)


Right: "Beguiled" (1982/1995)
Published in BWS: OPUS Volume 2, Page 159
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