Above: The original BWS painted color guide for a panel
from his story "Victory" in Machine Man #4 (1984)

Windsor-Smith’s longtime friend Herb Trimpe, a comic book artist who had worked for Marvel since the 1960s, presented BWS with a vehicle by which he could ease his way back into comics. Trimpe offered to have Barry ink a four issue limited series called Machine Man, a reintroduction of a Jack Kirby character, which Trimpe was drawing at the time for Marvel.

After a tentative start, BWS found himself rapidly reacquiring his hand at cartooning, so much so that by the third issue he was not only inking Trimpe’s pencils, but redoing some of his friend’s layouts and drawings as well. This proceeded at such a pace that Trimpe stepped aside and let Windsor-Smith write, draw, ink and color the entire fourth issue.

Left: Windsor-Smith's cover to
Machine Man #3 (1984)