In addition to Conan, BWS worked on other titles during his early years at Marvel Comics, including Daredevil, The Avengers, Dr. Strange, Iron Man, and a few assorted horror stories for Marvel’s line of monster books, such as Tower of Shadows. Something that is not generally known, as he did not receive credit, is that from the beginning BWS wrote many of the stories for the comics he worked on, including X-Men #53,


Daredevil # 50-52, and the Dr. Strange story published in Marvel Premiere #3.

His habit was to write his story notes and scripts on the outside borders of his original art. The credited writer often scripted the story from those border notes, sometimes using portions of Barry’s original dialogue as well.

Above: The cover of Avengers#100,
June, 1972
Above: The cover of Marvel Premiere #3,
July, 1972