The stars of this book Axus and Aran are not the typical odd couple. The gone to seed hero and the young man with knowledge and a pronounced lack of experience are both entertaining and colorful. The setting is delightfully exotic and archaic city. Small airships and warriors with bladed weapons, towering, glittering towers and spires as well as a scheming populace jaded by indulgence and seemingly decades of peace ruled by the corrupt and decadent, this place is like Robert Howard’s higher Hyborean kingdoms without the somber barbarian waiting for his opportunity to loot the general population.  

If this sounds like utter chaos, it is; delightfully rendered utter chaos. It’s a fun read and a gorgeous one at that. while the bigger story is not resolved that doesn’t take away from the fun read and the beautiful artwork. This tale highlights Barry’s skill at writing, pacing and art and should not be missed. As a bonus there’s a short Axus tale in the front of the book that serves as precursor to what was to come later.
I only give this book 4 stars because it’s not a finished tale and that’s not the author’s fault.

Rating: 4 / 5