Excerpts, Part 4: Time Rise 2

As Consciousness is modern Mind, it is also the classical Psyché, and the romantic Soul. These historical and social contexts naturally defy empirical analyses that seek to explain it mathematically, or with any logical certainty that disregards its innate humanism. Sectarian causes that attempt to claim higher Consciousness for the "chosen ones," through association with, or a personal connection to, a Godhead, also fail to comprehend humanity's ultimate benchmark. The absolute dominion of Mind will eventually make us all "chosen ones." But in our humility, reverence, or naivety, we resist this greater reality. Mind co-exists with every human on this planet, yet we afford it only a figurative identity, possibly because it is not physically manifest as is the brain.

Perhaps it is for this very reason that we should perceive consciousness as a miracle. Native Americans call it Spirit, but if there could be a single definition that includes the synonyms of Soul and Psyché, perhaps the people of tomorrow will call it the universal We.