We break to look at Windsor-Smith’s guitars and props, which include a beautiful and very real broadsword. He plays guitar up here to unwind, and listens to his favorite musicians, like Jimi Hendrix and Neil Young. Perhaps he has missed the boat, not becoming the rock musician. But thankfully for us, because the life he missed led him to a life of innovation and growth, part of creating new styles and avenues of expression in the comics field he can’t help but love. This is the klaxon call to arms he throws out to those who still love this medium: Get up! Get drawing and writing, but not the same old way. Create worlds that become real, and fight the urge toward mediocrity.

That is what Barry Windsor-Smith has done, and he can sleep at night. With his brazen opinions, dedication to hard work and readiness to throw away the easy money, he may just be one of the few who can.

Sepia ink drawing for the cover of Adastra in Africa 1999