The alarm system did not sound bells and flash lights at the advent of a lie. Rather, it intuitively registered the sense of absolute certainty in the presence of truth. This thought process can be described as a non trance meditative state that might be similar to the act of prayer, or any intended communication with a “higher power.” My only previous experience with absolute certainty had been the stimulated perceptions and heightened awareness generated by the practice of academic drawing (Often exemplified for many connoisseurs by the pencil studies of Dominique Ingres). I was tutored in this mind-altering discipline at art school in the 1960s.

I wrote down all the essential details for the first chapter of Time Rise in October 1998. I then spent several months analyzing and dissecting the events in minutia, looking for errors in my memory, or misconceptions that could have become even more distorted after a quarter-century of dormancy. Clearing away the flotsam became a task in itself. But, I was quick to learn that one truth leads to another, while falsity leads nowhere at all.


As I wandered through the finite maze of my lifetime’s encyclopaedia, bumping into walls, or stepping through invisible thresholds, I developed faith in my intuition to help keep me on course. Abandoning intellectual premises allowed my mind to travel freely through the circuitous avenues of perception and memory. Allowing my intuitive senses complete dominion precipitated one revelation after another.

At any time prior to this, such an act of mental control would have been quite beyond my capability. But the journey I had undertaken was one of meaningful discovery and, in a procedure natural to the process, each forward step I took revealed a new tool to help take a further stride.

A pilgrimage can be a lonely affair. There were times when I imagined that if I didn’t turn around, and retreat, I would get lost entirely. My daily activities of writing stories, drawing figures and scenarios, and interacting with assistants, publishers, printers and such, fell away to a private world after work. In that world, guided by intuition, I searched for meaning and purpose.