Technically, this reception of data through touch is called psychometry, but I didn’t know that at the time. Only after I had made this contact did I notice just how sickly the tree appeared to be, with short, distorted limbs and patchy leaf growth. Despite all common sense, I could not help but project an emotional, human-type personality into the tree, rather like one does with smart horses, or deer that briefly seem curious of human predators. Have you ever shied away from someone that you knew was lost or hurting because you felt inadequate and just not capable of helping? That was how it was with me and the tree, whom, I admit, I began to think of as Mister Tree.

After this experience, walking past Mr. Tree, as I did almost daily, I would turn my gaze away, staring off at almost anything rather than acknowledge it, and admit that I felt its suffering.

During the few months that I possessed this heightened empathic sensibility, my experiences were generally depressing, even morbid. Very rarely did I encounter an object or entity that wasn’t thoroughly unhappy for any number of reasons that were sometimes made clear to me, but more often were not. I took every encounter to heart, and I am influenced by some of them to this day.


I hesitate to describe some of my extraordinary experiences during the summer of 1973. Clock time’s devolution of common memory is partly to blame for my caution. Events that I cannot fully clarify in my own mind are sure to create confusion in yours. And then, there are the limits of written language, which force descriptions of the truly fantastic into the realm of verbal eccentricities which I am earnestly trying to avoid. Still, if some of you have followed me this far, perhaps you, too, are experiencers of realities beyond the everyday. Cynics, undoubtedly, will have bailed half way through my introduction.

Although convinced of my own experiences, I remain an open minded skeptic when it comes to many reports of contact with non terrestrial intelligence, even those that, in abstract, may sound similar to my own. Nothing should be accepted at face value, of course, and in the critically unaccountable field of paranormal experience confabulation and misinformation are standard fare. But if some of the following is a tough chew, and harder still to swallow, imagine what I have cautiously (I dare say wisely) left off the menu.