Extra Daredevil Figure on Vellum

A very rare Silver Age BWS page from 1968,
an example of his earliest Marvel Comics work.
Pen and Ink on bristol. Inking by BWS and George Klein.

This page has two different, finished versions, both inked by BWS,
of the full figure of Daredevil in the first panel.
Both versions are inked on vellum. One, the published version, is glued on a full-page
tracing paper overlay. The other, an unpublished but almost identical version,
is glued to the page itself. (These two were intended as separate green and red
"color holds" to produce a 3-D effect. Marvel's production chief didn't annotate it correctly
for the printer, however, and the effect was not printed as it was intended.)
The rubber cement used to glue down the vellum has browned with age in both cases.
The rest of the page has a few minor age stains.
Page image 10 x 15". Extra Daredevil figure image 8 1/4 x 7". SOLD

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