Alternate Cover for the Final Chapter


This bold, full page drawing epitomizes Barry Windsor-Smith's
realization of his classic Weapon X, the origin of Wolverine.
It was created to be the initial cover for Marvel Comics Presents #84,
containing the last chapter of his 1991 serialized story.
BWS later decided on the now-iconic wraparound for the final issue instead.
This fully finished work, inked in Windsor-Smith's distinctive style, has just
emerged from his private files, and is offered here for the first time.

Pen and Ink, 11" x 16 7/8" on bristol board.


NOTE: Wolverine: Weapon X is a trademark of Marvel Entertainment.
Copyright and reproduction rights for this drawing are retained by BWS,
and sale of this original is subject to a standard Artist's Reserved Rights
Transfer and Sale Agreement, which can be viewed by clicking here.