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Having been asked on so many occasions for the detailed story of why, exactly, I left my career with Marvel Comics, Conan the Barbarian and all that, I thought this publication, a report on my first year as a freeman, would be the vehicle I might well choose to explain my feelings and chronicle episodes that led me to take this maverick path from the well known commercial outlets. This, I am told upon my inquiries, would interest and enlighten people everywhere.

I attempted such an article a few times but generally became confounded by the discriminating line between candour and plain old muck-raking, and in the final analysis I chose to consider the point from the readers' view, and I consider you (not wrongfully, I trust) to be uninterested in muck raking and dwelling upon conflict long past, and in the long run, meaningless anyway.



So I choose to say this: Since founding the Gorblimey Press in February of 1974 I have discovered much about art, people and myself. I have realized satisfaction in producing a work that I conceive of, create and sell to anyone who would find pride in owning it. Production line efforts, a distillery of creation, something I was quite used to and had to regrettably accept as normalcy, does not exist here; everything is treated individually as a new concept and accorded whatever time it needs to fulfill itself. This is something I thought worthy. And I'm proud to be captain of my own ship.