Image Comics, another of the hot new publishers of the 1990s, was founded by seven top young artists who broke away from Marvel to seek a bigger share of the huge profits they had been generating for their employer as freelancers.

In 1995, BWS had just departed Malibu and RUNE and was beginning work on three original comics series, soon to become the revolutionary omnibus BWS: STORYTELLER. Image approached Windsor-Smith to lend his talents for a special crossover event called "WildStorm Rising." He drew and color designed the complete premiere issue (WildStorm Rising #1) and drew and color edited all 11 covers for the high profile series, including a four panel gatefold cover for WildStorm Rising #2.

Besides WildStorm Rising #1 and #2, the issues that featured BWS cover art were Team 7-Objective Hell #1, WildC.A.T.S #20, Union #4, Gen 13 #2, Grifter #1, Deathblow #16, WetWorks #8, Backlash #8, and StormWatch #22. A few of the covers were inked by guest artists from Image, including Jim Lee (WildC.A.T.S #20), Scott Williams (WildStorm Rising #2) and Trevor Scott (Deathblow #16).

Above: The BWS cover image for StormWatch #22
which featured Chapter 9 of "WildStorm Rising."
(Computer coloring by WildStorm Productions) (1995)