Barry Windsor-Smith: OPUS 2
is the follow up to the acclaimed BWS: OPUS Volume 1, published by Fantagraphics books in 1999. OPUS 2 presents more rare, unpublished, and classic BWS art from throughout his career, much of it culled from the artist's personal files.

And in "Time Rise 2," Windsor-Smith continues his gripping narrative of the extraordinary paranormal events that overwhelmed him in the summer of 1973, following his experiences with precognition and the "Endless Black Waves of Time," as recounted in "Time Rise" in OPUS 1. He also ventures further into the exploration of these and subsequent events, incorporating ideas and theories from a wide spectrum of luminaries in the studies of extraordinary, paranormal, noetical and metaphysical phenomena, sweeping the reader along in his inquiries into the nature of Consciousness, Time, and even Reality itself.

The following pages present preview excerpts from OPUS 2.