Excerpts, Part 1: Introduction

My intention in the first volume of OPUS was to introduce the reader to subject matter not commonly associated with my work as a comics artist or as a painter of new romanticism. In the essay "This Is Not Reality" I described two incidents from my past that illustrate the confusion that can sometimes arise when our everyday sense of reality is challenged by uncommon events. The stories display entirely different reactions from two individuals facing the unknown, or what they perceived as such. In one, the individual participant wanted to lash out from animalistic fear. In the second, the observer passively withdrew from the uncommon event rather than face its disturbing reality.

In "Time Rise," I recounted my very uncommon experiences during a three-day period in early June of 1973. In telling this story for the first time 26 years after the fact, I let fall from my shoulders a burden that had grown with secrecy and time.


In this second volume, and in others to come, I shall attempt to make use of the information and insights so generously offered by the learned, the inquisitive, the speculators, and the experiencers who, supressing the self doubt that, I know so very well, comes with the territory of philosophical inquiry, have been inspired to step forward and be counted as explorers in the realms of transpersonal experience and alternate realities.