THIS IS NOT REALITY is a revised version of Windsor-Smith’s TIME RISE, his controversial memoirs published in OPUS Volumes 1 and 2, by Fantagraphics Books.

TIME RISE Prologue

© 2007 Barry Windsor-Smith All Rights Reserved

Even in the material half-world of Western philosophies, there has come a cautious shift of thinking that at its core allows that the concept of objective, set-in-stone reality may not be so distinctly separated from personal, subjective perceptions as had formerly been believed. While there has always been a certain acceptance of this form of “fringe thinking,” it has usually been shunted off by the methodic cultural foundation to languish under the same leaky roof as other unacceptable tenets, such as faster-than-light travel, extraterrestrial life and charitable lawyers. But with modern science shouldering its way into philosophy and religion, the many boundaries that once divided mystical theory from the supposed logic of scientific evidence and empirical reasoning are beginning to go the way of the Berlin wall.

BARRY WINDSOR-SMITH is most widely known as a distinguished comic book creator, and a painter in the fine arts. But there is more to Windsor-Smith than panels and paintings. In the lushly produced OPUS series of collected art books, the artist reveals his lifelong encounters with High Strangeness, a ufological term variously known as paranormal, or the supranormal, or transcendental human experience.

Windsor-Smith is an experiencer. His personal encounters with extraordinary phenomena include precognition, reincarnation, extrasensory perception and other anomalies in alternative realities of space and time.